Inspired by Montreal’s bagel culture, Bagel Yard is where bagels are freshly made the old traditional way.

rolling bagels

Every bagel is hand-rolled and wood-fired so that you get the best bagel possible: a perfect little crunch and a slight chewy texture.

Wood Fired Bagels

What Customers Say:

WOW this place has totally overturned my notion of what a bagel could be. The bagels are perfectly textured and have a slight crunch at every bite. I loved the fact that they're well sized (unlike the American bagels) and are light such that you don't feel heavy afterward.

Katie S

Being from NYC and living in the Middle East, I’ve been on a hunt for somewhere to fill my bagel cravings. Bagel Yard certainly did that.

With delicious Montreal style bagels and friendly, welcoming staff I would definitely recommend a visit.

Jaclyn Casper

Best damn bagels in Dubai! Authentic Montreal style bagels. I'm addicted to this place!

Timothy Ronin

As a Montrealer I am so happy to see that someone perfected the true authentic Montreal bagel!

Malak Bayaa

Bagels were so tasty that you don't need to have them with anything more than butter! But of course a little extra never hurts.

The Noors

المطعم رائع والخيارات متنوعة من نوعية البيغل او من الحشوات ... غير ان البيغل يخبز عندهم في المحل عكس المحلات الثانية اللي تجيبه مبرد وتعيد تسخينه

Youssef Albekeri